Year 2016 and what to expect

Updated: January 7, 2016

This year there is a lot in store for bitcoin lets take a look at some things that will happen.

Bitcoin Block Reward Halving– The current block reward is 25 bitcoin. These are rewarded to the mining pool that solves the block which happens every 10min. On around July 18th 2016 the reward will be cut in half to 12.5 bitcoin. This means instead of 25 bitcoins being produced every 10min there will only be 12.5 bitcoin produced every 10min. Many speculate that this should make the price skyrocket. There will most likley be some big price moevements up and down leading up and right after the halving.

The blocksize limit debate – Yea eveyone is tired of talking about it. Just today the core team released a statement about soft forks vs. hard forks today. There are several new ideas that are being talked about such as segregated witness and bitcoin unlimited.

Blockchain(S)– Even more blockchain tech, private blockchain, distributed ledger and other name varations of non bitcoin based blockchain projects. Blockchain Tech start ups are growing like fungi and poping up everywhere ready to build a gateway for you to timestamp on private chains. Regardless of what you think of private blockchains expect 2016 to be full of these blockchain(S).