Exchange Reviews

Updated: December 29, 2017

You have heard of bitcoin and want to buy some. Where do you go? It can depend on how much you want to buy, where you live and how fast you would like to get your bitcoin. Here is a good overview of where you can buy bitcoin.

Bitquick is a peer to peer service that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin using a few different methods besides using your bank. No identification is required for sales or purchases under 400$. As the name says it is quick and if you don’t feel like waiting for coinbase to approve your bank account then it is a good option.

At paxful you can not only buy and sell bitcoin for fiat currencies like USD or EURO but other digital goods such as gift cards or payment methods as moneygram or western union. If you need bitcoin quick and want to avoid using a bank it is great.

Local Bitcoins is where you can find people in your local area to meet for cash bitcoin trades. You can also make online peer to peer trades online using localbitcoin similar to paxful. Local bitcoins has been around a long time now and you can find buyers and sellers in most major cities.

If you live in the USA and have a bank account one easy way to buy bitcoin is with coinbase. You can connect your bank account and buy bitcoin easily. If you sign up and spend at least 100$ then you get 10$ free in bitcoin, not bad for a first purchase. & bitpanda

If you are in Europe in the SEPA zone then you can try out or bitpanda. You can buy and sell bitcoin with SEPA. At bitpanda offers more payment and withdraw methods including paypal gift as well as SEPA.

Once you buy some bitcoin you are going to need a bitcoin wallet. Some people like to “buy and hold” or trade bitcoin. If you are interested in trading bitcoin then check out this list:

Exchange User Interface Degen Factor Reputation Fees KYC Shitcoins
Good Shit Was good, latley getting shit on High Out the ass Yes ETH, LTC
Very Good but not for noobs High Very Good Reasonable Email Shitcoin Futures with BTC collateral
Good but sometimes too much and slow High Good for a bucket shop Daily Swap is HIGH and spread can be WIDE on some pairs email CFDs on shitcoins with BTC or LTC as collateral
Alright Low Good Kind of High Tiers No
Good Medium Good ok Tiers Yes
Good Medium Good ok email No