Where can I buy Bitcoins?

You can read more about exchanges in the Exchange Reviews section.

Local Bitcoins

Trade cash for bitcoins in your local area. Meet people face to face and trade without an exchange. Fast and the most interesting way to get bitcoin. The website has an escrow system built in that makes it easy to use.

Exchanges with “Fiat”

Bitcoin trading made in Germany. Partner with the Fidor bank
When your account is approved then you can send cash or

High tech exchange, if you are allready familar with FOREX or Stock trading then this is your exchange. You can send money via bank transfer and they have an account at the Fidor bank for European deposits

Exchanges without “Fiat”

Has a crazy ammount of cryptocoins! BTC, LTC, and XPM markets. No Fiat money, If you wondered how obscure the crypto world is, check this place out. Trade your devcoin for litecoin and then your litecoin for iXcoin only to finaly invest in redcoin.

Offers Dollar-Bitcoin, Euro-Bitcoin, and lots of other altcoin-bitcoin trading pairs. Good volume of trades.

Bitcoin, Dollar and other altcoin-bitcoin pairs

Enormous Volume on this Yaun/BTC market


BTC/Yuan LTC/Yuan