What is the fastest way to buy bitcoin?

Updated: April 20, 2016

Bitcoin is going to the moon but you don´t have any? No worries there are more ways than ever to buy bitcoin. Generaly the faster methods have more fees than the methods that take a little longer. Lets take a look at what is out there.


Coinimal is very fast. Get 5€ free for Verifying your account. It is good for people in Europe since they accept SEPA bank transfers. However if you verifiy to Gold level you can use netteller and Skrill. Here is an overview
They do have withdraw to amazon.de giftcards or paypal which is pertty cool. If you can send a SEPA transfer then you can get bitcoin quickly.


If you are in the US then Coinbase is the easiest way to get bitcoin. You are going to have to connect your bank account and verify your account. Once you have done that buying bitcoin is quick and easy.

Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins is fast and if you know what you are doing easy. If you have never bought bitcoin before then it is NOT the way to go. If you understand how wallets work and have learned about bitcoin some then you could try a local bitcoins p2p transaction for a small ammount. Just keep in mind that you are meeting a real person and that there is risk involved. However it can also be quick and easy.

Bitcoin ATM
The easiest way is to find an ATM in your area. If you are lucky enough to have one near you then it is the best way to buy bitcoin quicky. On coinradar you can find a world map and check if there is an ATM near you.

You can also check out the exchanges in the review section. Most of them have bank wire as a way to get money on the exchange and buy bitcoin.