What can I buy with bitcoin?

Updated: August 2, 2015

You might have heard about this thing called bitcoin, but what can you do with it? There are plenty of things that you can buy with bitcoin. Most people have heard about the silk road or about bitcoin trading but there are more things you can do with your bitcoin besides buy things on the dark web and speculate.



Buy anything from Amazon with a discount with Purse.io
You can save from 3-20% and sometimes even more. What you do is add things to your wishlist. Then you decide how much of a discount you want and then it is put into the marketplace. A kind of “discount marketplace” where people that want bitcoin are willing to buy things for you in return for bitcoin. It can take time to get a 20% discount, but if you want a discount right way then you can use the purse instant and get 3% off. If there is something that you want but would only get at a huge discount then put in a wild order at 30 or 40% discount and it might get filled.


Buy domains, hosting and SSL certificates at Namecheap.com
Namecheap was one of the first big domain registeries that accepted bitcoin. They are well known for good service and fair prices. Most domains come with free whois guard. When black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around keep Namecheap on the radar as they have offered big discounts for paying in bitcoin on those days. Namecheap does not only offer domains but also hosting and SSL certificates. If you need a domain or want to host a word press site then Namecheap is a good bet and they accept bitcoin.



CryptoThrift is an ebay style marketplace. There is a wide range of items for sale including gift cards, gold, silver, mining gear, clothes and more. Of course you can also sell things on Cryptothrift. They offer a 30 day escrow and buyer protection and have been around since 2013. There are few items that you will not find on Amazon so it is worth it to take a few min and browse the items at the site. You can also pay with Litecoin.