Trump says “You´re Fired” to Silk Road Attorney

Updated: March 12, 2017

The attorney behind the silk road case who is often refered to as “the most dangerous man in Bitcoin” has been FIRED. Do you remember all the bitcoin goverment auctions? That was made possible by the former Southern District of New York (SDNY) Preet Bharara who put Ross Ulbricht behind bars and made the US goverment 174,000 bitcoins richer. When asked for comment Brarara said “I did not resign”. Yea we know, that is because YOU WERE FIRED. Bharara would not resign so he was given the sack, he had the chance to exit with honor but chose to die by the sword.

Will Preet Bharara follow former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and call for poltical violence?

Political Narrative

Bharara was even hinting at running for poltical office after making the goverment over 100,000 bitcoin richer, cha ching. That was back in 2014 and now he is just part of the Obama era that is being drained away by Trump. What are hardcore Trump protestors to think of this action of getting rid fo Bharara. Trump just fired someone who stole bitcoin from Ross Ulbricht and put him behind bars for a victimless crime.


but Trump is Hitler!

The person people are comparing to Hilter just told the silk road attorney go home and pack it up. This does not sit with the current anti-Trump narrative, what will the spin be? We are already getting a taste of it. Instead of having a look at what was cleaned up with getting rid of Bharara hardcore anti trump papers like the Atlantic are already digging up dirt on possible replacements saying “might be very convenient to Donald Trump to leave the U.S. Attorneyship for SDNY vacant for a long, long, long time.”The media is locked and loaded for Bharara´s replacement in the meantime Joon Kim who is the Deputy U.S. Attorney will fill in.

Now What?

Trump got rid of Bharara. Does that mean a lot for bitcoin? No. It will make some nice headlines for the cryptorags that picked up the story on their RSS feed. Maybe someone will read about how Bharara made the goverment bitcoin rich and regret not keeping him on board.

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