Top Three Bitcoin Wallets

Updated: March 24, 2016

If you are an avid user of Bitcoin, you will not have a hard time choosing your wallets. However, for some newbies, it is simply too difficult to choose one.

There are just too many wallet providers out there that once you start searching for the best one, you will get lost in the middle.

Now put all your doubts aside and let’s go through the top 3 bitcoin wallets.

There was a question posted on reddit not too long ago, asking users for the best bitcoin wallet.

The users commented that ‘Breadwallet, Trezor, and Electrum’ are the best wallet providers.

It is perhaps the best bitcoin wallet for iOS users. Cutting-edge technology to provide users with the best safety and absolutely free to use. It utilizes the SPV mode that directly connects itself to the bitcoin network. What does this mean? There is no server to hack or go out of service (network failure). The theme for the application is ORANGE and what’s best? Its codes are completely open-source and available on GitHub.

Trezor is the real deal when it comes to absolute protection and safety for your bitcoins. Trezor is a hardware wallet that works as a cold storage for your bitcoins. It’s like keeping your money in the safe – but this time, in a USB-like device. It supports all computer systems including Linux and it is incredibly easy to use – with only two buttons (confirm or deny). What’s even better? You can back-up the whole wallet contents on a small piece of PAPER. Now that is innovation on the work! The downside of it though is that you will need to purchase it at a price of USD 99. If you are a person who is ultimately concerned about the security of your bitcoins, Trezor is your best bet yet.

Electrum is a wallet service provider that has its software working on computers. This is the best wallet provider, if you are willing to keep your bitcoins on a computer. There is no lock-in disadvantage like other wallets and you are able to use your private keys on other clients freely. Its servers are completely decentralized – much like bitcoin network – and there is no ‘down-time’ for the wallet. You can keep your bitcoins at a ‘cold-storage’ (offline mode) and bring them back online whenever you wish!