Top 5 events where you will be able to find more information about Bitcoin, startups and technology

Updated: July 21, 2015

There are a number of events around the world which serve as hubs for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. These events are an opportunity to network with other Bitcoin professionals and a chance for new ideas to be developed. Despite being concentrated within North America and Europe there are also events in Brazil, Australia and South Africa.

Life on Bitcoin Documentary Premiere (July 18th – Silicon Valley, California) The crowdfunded Bitcoin documentary premieres in Sunnyvale, California this week. It shows the challenges faced as a newly married couple attempt to live exclusively off Bitcoin for the first 90 days of their marriage. The project was sponsored by KncMiner amongst others and is set to be an enjoyable, yet informative look into the realities of relying on an emerging digital asset as your main cash source.

The Bitcoin and Blockchain Leadership Forum (July 23rd – London, UK) London is home to a few different Bitcoin events which occur regularly across the city. The focus of the next event is on the potential for ‘smart contracts’ utilising block chain technology and senior executives from both IBM and Ethereum will be in attendance.

Digital Currencies & the Blockchain (July 28th- New York City)
Dubbed as “Bitcoin for Bankers”, this event in New York aims to provide bankers and regulators with balanced views on the potential power of digital currencies, but is sure to be exciting for anyone interested in the future of financial transactions. Speakers include Preston Byrne, CEO of Eris Industries.

Keynote2015 : How to harness the distributed ledger (August 3rd – Los Angeles)
Keynote2015 in Los Angeles promises to provide an insight into the untapped potential of block
chain technology. Speakers include Peter Smith CEO of, Steve Kirsch CEO of and Steve Waterhouse of Pantera Capital, amongst a whole host of other innovators and decision makers from the world of FinTech. The event seeks to bring attendees up to speed on the innovative developments of the decentralised, distributed ledger system which controls the Bitcoin currency ecosystem. There has been significant interest from the existing, more traditional financial industry into the potential of block chain technology for modernising and streamlining global finance.

Bitcoinference Summer 2015 (September 12th – 13th – Amsterdam)
Based at Amsterdam Science Park, Bitcoinference is a two-day event providing a scientific and business-centric focus on Bitcoin and the associated technologies. This promises to be a great opportunity to meet like minded individuals in a city with a history of cryptography based innovation,
notably David Chaum inventor of a number of cryptographic protocols who worked at Amsterdam
Science Park. All these events provide a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded cryptocurrency enthusiasts and can act as an incubator for innovative ideas. There is also the added incentive of meeting potential investors from the growing subset of venture capitalists and angel investors who are actively seeking opportunities to support the Bitcoin sector. New events are announced almost every week and if there is nothing going on near you, why not bring together some colleagues and make something happen?!

Author: George Basiladze
George is a finance guy with an in-depth knowledge of financial systems. Together with Dmitry
they designed the concept of Cryptopay in May 2013 and started developing the system.