Three excellent bitcoin affiliate programs

Updated: October 19, 2015

There are three affiliate programs that are a great way to earn bitcoin. Even if you do not have a website you could still use your youtube channel, twitter or other social media accounts to promote the program. What is so good about these programs? The product or service being offered is top notch. No schetchy ebooks with no content or MLM programs that should just simply rename to ponzi.

Haasonline has been offering bitcoin trading software since 2013. The evolution of the software has been amazing. The first “simple trade bot” offered 2 simple RSI bots and a “high low” range bot. Since then the it has advanced to a “trade server” offering a platform that offers backtests, custom indicators and interexchange signals among other things. The software also supports over 10 exchanges and over 500 trading pairs. The affiliate program offers 10% of all new sales from your link.

Crypto Jeweler offers very high quality gold, silver and diamond jewelry. They accept a wide array of altcoins as well as bitcoin, of course. The price range of the products is from around 50$ to thousands, and the affiliates get 5% on all sales. The main thing that is good about this program is that you are promoting top notch products. Join this program now just in time for the holiday season.

SimpleFX is a CFD broker that allows accounts in bitcoin. This means that you can trade not only bitcoin but Forex (for example Euro/USD) Gold, Silver, Oil, Stocks and more. Bitcoin accounts do not require KYC AML so you can just sign up , deposit bitcoin and go. They also offer leveage up to 500:1 and support Meta Trader 4. This opens up the possilbity to trade on world markets with bitcoin. The affiliate program also has a second tier, that means if the people refer also refer people you earn 5% of what they earn. 5% of your first level affiliates and 5% of what your second level affiliates earn as well. We are only going to see more of these types of brokers in the future.