Shitcoin bleed a lot

Updated: December 8, 2016

Ethereum Bleeds

Augur Bleeds


Circle cuts off bitcoin and Coinbase forks their medium blog

Damn son,

the week is not even over! A few people in the Augar team got hacked including Bo Shen who only recently deleted his tweets after having his twitter account, among other accounts, hacked.

Fork or Spork? Soft or Hard? Big or Small?

Winter is here.

The great altcoin bubble of 2016 has long burst. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an announcement : No longer is Ethereum the forefront of Digital Currency. As Coinbase displays that not only can you fork blockchains but you can fork your medium blog as well. Only less than a year ago Coinbase proclaimed that Ethereum is the forefront of Digital Currency at the top of the pump was able to time the start of the next bitcoin rally with pinpoint accuracy. Will they be able to call the top of this bitcoin rally? “We were wrong guys, Bitcoin is the forefront of Digital Currency, sorry about that”. Coinbase says “Blog migration, will be restored soon”

What if they had a blockchain governance system based on master nodes that are not masters but part of a decentral revolution that votes democratically on changes and can implement sporks at the will of the core dev group. This decentral revolution does not care if you own one, two three or all of the master nodes. The revolutionary libertarian hologram of one or two people owning over half of the voting power and understanding how to mask this has no impact on the community. Maybe they need to think about implementing Futarchy. You know what. People are simply jealous of the spork.

Don’t be jelly

The spork is hard but soft, pointed but round. Who would not be jealous of such an elegant tool? Are sporks the way to stop the shitcoin bleed or just a softer version of a hard fork? Who likes it smaller and softer anyway?

Prediction Markets and Monarchy

Smart contracts will be the revolution of blockchain.

We have yet to see the full impact. Prediction Markets built on Etherium will bring knowledge of the “Hive Mind” to the power of the people and spark a revolution in how we not only see the world but how we govern ourselves. Digital Monarchy is a form of government practiced by easy to influence lead devs and defines the measure of blockchain welfare while using prediction markets to determine which policies will have the most effect and forked when they do not suit the Monarch. The dream of Futarchy is the theory and Monarchy is the practice. Was this predicted by Aguar on the twitter chain? Tony Swish has left twitter and his predicitons made on the twitter chain have been sporked away. We are looking for an archived version. He said that Ethereum is a monarchy among other things.

Is this Futarchy in action and the highest price of leaving a job was put on the line to predict the future?

Octopus Phone
The great one has spoken. A security warning to all Kraken customers was sent out in advance of the recent hack of Augar team member . It looks like this attack vector could have been used and if you are using SMS 2FA for a phone then you do need to take action or the bleeding will continue.

Who is the Hacker?
Is this the gun of a hacker? Shouldn´t a hacker use something more high tech or stealthy like a glock with laser sights or a silent but deadly crossbow? They posted a tweet (now deleted) of a black revolver, how primitivist of the hacker to do that. We know one thing. The hacker likes to use a particular language style, check out this threat.

Was it an inside job? We need to analyze the prediction market to get the most accurate info in this case. The blockchain does not lie.

What goes down must come up?
The world is over. The world economy is going to crash and the USA is doomed.

Does Circle have an election hangover?

Nov 7th

Nov 11th Circle pulls Bitcoin
Was the election the final straw? Bitcoiners did not line up and save the world from Trump, is this post election salt overdose hangover part of the decision making to stop using bitcoin. If Trump is pres. shouldn´t you be trying to help people move money to and from Mexico with bitcoin, maybe there is not a way for round shape company to monetize that and they would rather make apps for the Eurozone as it slowly crumbles. Is round shape company as good at prediciton the election outcome as they are about bitcoin usage in the future?

The Etherium price has bounced nicely. Is this it? The end of the bleed? As the forefront of digital currency bandaged it´s wounds with a fork and managed to smart contract a way forward using futarchy on a blockchain the size of bitcoin´s that nobody uses for their dapp because they are wondering what will happen when the Monarch orders another spork , uh I mean fork? Should you stock up now on Ether because soon it will move to proof of stake, a new improved proof of stake that will work and understands game theory, this proof of stake will out stake any past proof of stake because it understands through experience that shitcoins bleed a lot.

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