Shall we play a game?

Updated: March 19, 2017

Someone does not like Bitfinex´s new token offering. The new token allows users to speculate on a possible bitcoin hardfork and the value of the tokens on each chain. A snowflake melts when it is touched and this time the fire has burned a part of the body that starts with a “b” and in this rage the foot has gone to the metal on the accelerator, but which one? The VIABTC TX accelerator supplemented by mining contracts sold to ideological followers or the accelerator of the forklift at the mining facility that should have a mega ammount of hash power come April. Will there be unlimited bitcoin eastereggs for all this year?

Shall we play a game?

There are even nuclear options being considered, but who wins in a war of nukes? Nobody wins, it just creates a scorched earth and doesnt really solve any of the problems. The market does not like not knowning what is going to happen. Will there be a hardfork? When will it happen? Will all bitcoin holders just get richer being able to dump their BTU that they got for free? So many questions and so few clear answers. There are some with reasonable ideas out there.

Industry Letter

There was a letter that many exchanges signed that outlined a plan for the case of a hardfork. As with these letters someone felt like they were misrepresented and it looks like part of the letter was edited after it was signed by some exchanges. Coinbase did not sign and is doing it´s best to remain neutral. Poloniex who also did not sign the letter has come under some DDOS attacks, if they are related to the letter is not clear but could be related. What are the exchanges suppost to do? If they sign letters they could possibly get DDOSed, if they do not they could get DDOSed and in all cases someone will yell that it is “unfair.

Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

Vinny Lingham has become more outspoken about a possible fork. So much so that he has publicly told people to stop asking him about the price. What is the Vinny bottom price target? Nobody knows….

Bitcoin is moving fast with easter around the corner what do you think the easter bunny will bring this year? More astroturfing, hardfork(s), proof of work “upgrade”, DDOS warfare or a bitcoin “coinbaya” moment as the price reaches the moon?

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