Segwit, Hardforks, and Scaling: The Great Debate | Lombroso/Petrov/Potter/Ver hosted by

Updated: December 14, 2016

hosted on whalepool
Roger Ver went on Whalepool teamspeak to discuss topics releated to bitcoin scaling. Now that Segwit is out in the wild many people are wondering why Ver has not gotten behind it. One of Ver´s famous tweets about paying over 100$ in fees for a transaction would be solved with Segwit and he would have not had to pay such a high fee. In the discussion Ver seems open to getting behind Segwit and the main reason that he is not behind it fully is because of his view that Core did not listen to bitcoin companies such as Coinbase, Circle and Xapo that wanted to scale bitcoin by increasing the blocksize quickly via Bitcoin Classic.

There are some very good points made by all sides and it is a great discussion that all sides of the blocksize limit debate need to hear.

some quotes:
51:16 | “Roger (…) do you think we should activate SegWit now?”
51:22 | Roger Ver: “As I said earlier, I’m a bit agnostic on the whole thing.”
54:12 | Roger Ver: “And sorry, I still kinda got sidetracked from SegWit, uhm, again I’m kind of agnostic on the whole SegWit thing, I’m not, I don’t even have enough hashpower to block SegWit if I wanted to. And I certainly won’t be the lone holdout.”
55:11 | Phil Potter: “Are you willing to endorse SegWit? And if not, why not?”
Roger Ver: “I’m certainly willing to consider endorsing SegWit.”