Ripple and Private Blockchains on the move

Updated: April 1, 2017

The XRP price (Ripple) is going to the moon and hit a two year high. Traders are market buying the coin that is the underlying token of the ripple network in order to find a safe haven. One large market maker on a large exchange said “Ripple provedes a store of value while the blocksize debate is going on, who wants to hold bitcoin during these times?”.

Altcoins everywhere are pumping and it is clear that bitcoin is on the way out. The use cases for ripple, altcoins and private blockchains is coming to the forefront as bitcoin fades away.

Ten top investment banks have used blockchains in order to do trades with each other. They have found that it is faster and more secure than using legacy methods of communication and trading. This signals a big step forward in blockchain technology. Mainstream finance is moving towards massive adoption.

R3, an industry-wide consortium of 42 investment banks looking at blockchain technology, announced in an email that banks “simulated exchanging value, represented by tokenized assets on the distributed ledger as trading cards without the need for a centralized third party.”

In plain English: Banks traded cards with each other. This is a major breakthough in blockchain technology and shows how this will be part of major disruption of the bank sector worldwide. Keep an eye on Ripple and Private Blockchains as they come to the forfront of real world applications and bitcoin fades away.

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