Quick Guide

Get Bitcoin quick!
1. Make a wallet at blockchain.info. Make sure your password is really good. Use a vaild email address.
Copy your bitcoin address, it should say on the bottom right hand corner “your address”.

2. Go to http://dailybitcoins.org/. Enter your address in the field. Solve the capacha code (fill in the text that you see). Uncheck “Delay payment to minimize transaction fees”.
This does not work well anymore but still go through the rest of the process anyway.

2. Go to Multibit.org and download the multibit wallet.
3. Open the program on a harddrive with some space.
4. Let it to “sync” the the network (could take a few minutes depending)
5. Sign up for the free bitcoin crash course, we will give you a small ammount of bitcoin to experiment with.

Sign up for the free bitcoin crash course. In one hour you will learn all that you need to get started.
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