How Do We Drive Bitcoin Adoption?

Updated: July 22, 2015

While it is true that there are a lot of “spammy” and “get rich quick” style posts and images. Forcing bitcoin down peoples throats is not the way to go. No matter how good your intentions telling people about bitcoin sending the one cent on twitter when they never asked for it not the way to go and simply pushes people away. What people should do when using the hashtag #bitcoin is be social. Answering questions about bitcoin, offering an alternative narrative to the mainstream media, jokes, art is what being social on social media is about, not trying to give X amount of people X amount of bitcoin in X amount of time in order to convert them as a user of my third party service, this is nearly the same thing as the spam that you wanted to stop in the first place.

Introduce Bitcoin To People through self empowerment

Services like Coinbase, Circle, Changetip, ect do a good job of helping people interact with the legacy banking system and are an easy way to get a bitcoin address. However what is the difference between bitcoin, paypal, credit cards and online banking if I just log into my account and send to someone? There is not a huge difference between logging into Coinbase and sending bitcoin and online banking. On the one hand this is good, people understand online banking and in turn will understand what to do at a service like Coinbase. However they have not learned very much about what bitcoin is in the process.

The best way for people to learn about bitcoin is to download a wallet

It does not matter if it is a light wallet like Electrum or Multibit or a Bitcoin QT full node. The point is that from the start they are learning about the concept of private keys. That they are the only ones responsible for their bitcoin. There is no bitcoin CEO to call if you lose your bitcoins. This shift in responsibility and the concept of P2P finance can only be learned when you have a wallet that you control. What is so intriguing about another form of online banking that might be at best slightly cheaper than legacy online banking? Bitcoin is not just another form of online banking.

Come by this blab and ask any questions about bitcoin, in the meantime pick up some free bits.
Ask anything about Bitcoin, get free bitcoin

Since some people claim that I am too negative I want to say a few positive things about some third party services. ChangeTip is the easiest way to get a bitcoin address. It solves the problem of having to download something or go through some steps that the average member of the public would not be able to do (for example making a wallet at
Coinbase is the best way to buy bitcoin with a bank account if you are in the USA. They have also improved their security and offer a lot of services for merchants.
I also want to give a thumbs up to Bitfinex for being the first to offer a P2P swap market, and now adding mutltisig. I also like how forthcoming Bitfinex is when they have problems. This is how services should communicate.

Theo Goodman