Miners go Unlimted ,BTU Fork and Bitcorn Infiltration

Updated: March 13, 2017

Antpool is going full BTU bitcoin unlimited. Bloomberg is eating up the clicks they are getting with the highly informed article about the possible BTU fork.

Antpool’s Wu Jihan commented on the topic:

Weekend at Todd´s Camp

Bloomberg talks about “Todd´s Camp” claming that they have a better solution to scaling bitcoin as BTU. Currently journalists are looking for this camp in Northern California. There at Todd´s Camp it is rumored that there are secret bilderberg meetings to determine the bitcoin blocksize and price. The current ETF denial was all planned in advance and the infiltration of bitcoin and massive manipulation continue. The growth of BTC popularity among mining pools is 100% organic and reflects the will of the community.

It´s Infiltrated!

Bilderberg, uh we mean Bloomberg is currently getting a little bit of constructive feedback regarding their amazing research on the BTU article. Did money or favors exchange hands in order to get the article published? Nobody knows but maybe the bilderberg group called the bloomberg group that has now infiltrated the BTU Group in order to spread fear in operation spork.

Does anyone care?

If BTU has massive support why don´t they just fork? Nobody knows and maybe it has to do with approval from the bilderberg group. If BTU really does have massive support as advertised in bloomberg the it should be simple to just fork and move on since it would be a technical improvment for bitcoin and not be high risk. That is the reason you see plenty of companies and nodes signaling for BTU. They are very convident in the security of the code and the effort that has gone into BTU peer review.

bitcoin unlimited pool mines invaild block and Ver´s mining pool loses 12.5 BTC for him peanuts, seems safe enough lets move to BTU today. Ver is so confident in BTU they offer 110% mining reward at his pool!

The author of the well researched bloomberg article has since thanked luke jr on twitter:

When will BTU fork? Is this the new bitcoin or just another XT Classic for the bitcoin drama history books?

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image credit youtube, thechinesequest.com