BTU “Boutique Unlimited” Free Boutique for all Bitcorn holders

Updated: March 17, 2017

If bitcoin splits into BTC and BTU (bitcoin unlimited) the main bitcoin exchanges have come out in a statement saying that they would call this a “new asset” with the ticker BTU. The term “new asset” is a nice way of saying shitcoin or in 2017 crypto slang “Boutique”. The ticker BTU fits even better in this case meaning “Boutique Unlimited”.


As documented last week in this article Antpool went full BTU. After a bug was found in BTU there is even a stronger push to fork. Now that a major bug was found people are pushing for a fork harder than ever before. You have to understand that all code has bugs. Bitcoin Core´s code has bugs as all boats have holes, don´t worry about that hole all boats have them, you will be fine, trust us.

ETH ETC BTC BTU How many coins for you?

You get a two coins you get two coins everybody gets two coins. As long as you hold your private keys and your bitcoin are not on an exchange you will have both BTC and BTU. Just like in the summer of 2016 when ETH forked and the old chain ETC just continued on. This time around the exchanges don´t want to fuck things up like they did then and are going to be ready with replay protection and a clear plan on how to treat BTU. The exchanges will run both BTC and BTU as seperate chains. A BTC/BTU trading pair and BTU futures are no longer unthinkable.

What exchanges signed the statement?
bitbank, bitfinex, bitonic, bitso, bitstamp, bitsquare, bitt, bittrex, btcc, btcchina, coincheck, coinfloor, kraken, quadrigacx, ripio, therock, zaif
Read the statement for yourself here

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