• Is Coinbase a SCAM?

    Maybe you’ve heard of the Bitcoin exchange coinbase. Coinbase is an easy place for you to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Coinbase a scam “. Also Read: Where to buy Bitcoin?...

  • Bitcoin Moon! Is there news? but WHY is the price so HIGH?

    Damn Son! Bitcoin just keeps going up. All the people on twitter, reddit and youtube videos have the answer to the question “why is the price going up!??!?”. As youtube coments...

  • Ripple and Private Blockchains on the move

    The XRP price (Ripple) is going to the moon and hit a two year high. Traders are market buying the coin that is the underlying token of the ripple network in...

  • Bitcoin Classic is splitting off

    At the time of this writing, the Bitcoin butthurt index is off the charts. After years of astroturfing and fudding, it became clear that some people only understand binary arugments and...

  • Shall we play a game?

    Someone does not like Bitfinex´s new token offering. The new token allows users to speculate on a possible bitcoin hardfork and the value of the tokens on each chain. A snowflake...

  • BTU “Boutique Unlimited” Free Boutique for all Bitcorn holders

    If bitcoin splits into BTC and BTU (bitcoin unlimited) the main bitcoin exchanges have come out in a statement saying that they would call this a “new asset” with the ticker...

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    Buy Bitcoin with Pakistain Rupee

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    Bitcoin Price in INR

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    Bitcoin to INR

    Here is the current Bitcoin to Inr Price

  • Miners go Unlimted ,BTU Fork and Bitcorn Infiltration

    Antpool is going full BTU bitcoin unlimited. Bloomberg is eating up the clicks they are getting with the highly informed article about the possible BTU fork. Antpool’s Wu Jihan commented on...

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