3 Tips to get started with Bitcoin

Updated: August 12, 2015

1. You do not have to understand how the tech works.
Focus more on the practical how to send, receive and store bitcoin first. You drive a car but might not understand how it works. Maybe you even fly in an airplane but most likely you do not understand how all of the tech behind it works. One thing to also think about is that bitcoin is open source. This means that instead of one company having a look at how something works, but anyone can have a look under the hood and many people from all of the world have taken a look.

2. Get some bitcoin in your wallet. You can ask for a small amount of bitcoin on twitter, connect your bank account to coinbase, or you can sell goods or services for bitcoin. Another option is to ask a friend of yours that is already into bitcoin. Once you have bitcoin on your wallet then you can move to step 3.

3. Send bitcoin back and forth to yourself. Make a wallet at blockchain.info and send bitcoin there from the wallet on your computer. Then when it is there send it back. Track your transaction on a blockchain explorer, also at blockchain.info and you will be able to see your transaction in the blockchain.