2016: a year of further advancements for Bitcoin?

Updated: February 9, 2016

Virtual casino businesses seem to have realized Bitcoins are highly advantageous to use not just for their customers, but for themselves, too.

There were quite a number of virtual gambling website that opened their doors for players from all over the world in 2015, with some of them standing a good chance to become the true leaders of the area in the years ahead. On the other hand, neither of the industry’s veterans, like BitCasino.de, had any reasons to actually move an inch to clear space for the new names, as they were able to hold their positions really strong. The legalization wars fought over Internet casino gaming in the U.S. market do not seem to have ended, but, as of now, the odds are definitely in favor of gambling. So, what are we in for in 2016?

There is good reason to believe this year Bitcoin is going to enjoy an even greater rate of popularity growth. As the virtual currency finds thousands of new users every day, it’s quite logical that virtual casinos with BTC available as a payment method grow more attractive, too. Interestingly, some of the newly-launched online gambling businesses offer no other payment option but Bitcoin to their customers. And, although there may be certain issues with the currency’s security the users of the system experience from time to time, people are still as greatly fascinated by it as they were before.

It’s an open secret to any more or less tech-savvy person these days that Bitcoin is far more efficient and has a set of advantages over real-money payments, with the outrageously high transaction fees being one of the worst let-downs of the latter in any of their forms: from plastic cards to wire and PayPal transfers. The same goes for bank transactions that are also terribly time-consuming (waiting for up to a week to get your funds in not okay). As for Bitcoin transfers, these take just minutes to be completed, with users charged the smallest fees possible. Any more questions about BTC being that increasingly popular with online gambling operators? It is more than likely that in the long run Bitcoin is to become a standard currency for transactions on all casino websites, virtual sportsbooks, and poker rooms. The thing is, Bitcoins are beneficial to use not just for virtual gamblers, as Bitcoin has something in store for casino businesses as well. Gambling portals are visited by players from all around the world, and each of the countries they reside in has its own national currency. Get the point? With BTC becoming the common payment solution of the whole industry, there will be no boundaries left for Internet gambling to become truly global. Apart from it, more than often, Bitcoin casinos are able to operate even in jurisdictions where real-money Internet gambling is prohibited or heavily regulated.

2016 is probably also the year when mobile gambling is going to be taken to new heights. This is evident if only from the fact that the were really many casino portals launched last year that were specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of players preferring to enjoy casino games and betting activities using their smartphones and tabs.

Combine mobile devices and Bitcoins, and you essentially get a happy blend to conquer the industry of Internet gambling. There is absolutely no escape from Bitcoin for casino operators, but isn’t it something that we all are extremely happy about?